The History of Chicago

Chicago is one of the biggest cities ever, and since the late 1800s was one of the best metropolises. It has had a huge impact on culture and politics throughout history. It didn’t matter if there was some destruction that would impact this great city either, it was always rebuilt, renovated, made anew and thoroughly extended. Ever since the creation of the city, immigrants from all over have come to raise their opportunities for they were infatuated with its beauty and power. Some even came from other parts of the world to rebuild part of it. It is a huge city that has everyone’s attention and will never stop. Welcome to one of the world’s greatest cities and how it came to be.


The Rise of Commerce

Right behind New York City, there used to be Chicago in the early 1900s. There were tons of advertising and very well presented at that. This was how many things were sought out for and bought nonstop. All you really have to do is just proclaim how much something would be a great thing in other people’s lives and why they need it. They had a great rise in their profession and were very successful in their sales, everyone wanted the latest and greatest of their products.

Water Transportation

Chicago was especially famous for their transportation via water. They were known as a “water transit hub” and had great success in this. Not only were they a metropolis but an Industrial one with all of the processing of transported goods. Because of all of this, however, the water became polluted very fast and even the travellers from all over the world would proclaim that it was the dirtiest city in America. While taking in raw and live meat and other sorts of food, it became clear that it could’ve been a little too much. Also because of so much movement during the Springtime, it became so muddy that you could scarcely walk let alone get to one place from another.


The Rebuilding

Nothing let down the people of Chicago after the great fire. They stayed positive and came through to a great outcome. They had some help, however, from an immigrant named Jens Jensen. He was a very successful and well-known landscaper. He helped build a few of the parks that you can see to this day in Chicago. If you know of Columbus Park, you should also know that he is the one who built that too. He would also join in in the making of garden design for very wealthy people of Chicago. You can be sure that to help the city, they refrained from using not much else but steel. Because of how much they built and especially on how fast they did, they have kept the popularity and fame alive for this city. The buildings here were and still are so grand and great that it is the origin of modern architecture to this day in the United States.