Basketball History: Chicago Bulls

Everyone knows who the Chicago Bulls are- they made huge impacts on sports as we know it. Michael Jordan, the famous sportsman was a part of this team and won many NBAs in their name. They were founded at the beginning of the year of 1966 so they are an older team and over the years they have even grown more professional than they already are. When you have so many years behind you to look back on, you can learn from your past. Making NBA popular all around the world, they gained most of their fame during the 1990s.


Dick Klein

The founder who started this whole team is named Dick Klein. For an owner of his basketball team, he’s the only one who ever played professional basketball. So in a way, he was a great leader who had a good idea what it felt like to be in his team’s shoes. He would know exactly how to direct them and what would be the best route to take to get to success. He was the leader and manager of his team when he first founded it. Later on though he had decided to hire someone else as manager to take his position instead. He hired Pat Williams who would promote the team further.


Pat Williams

Pat Williams was the one who created the team’s mascot, Benny the Bull. As a manager, he seemed to move the team further and worked very hard for them to be in a good position. Because of Pat and the new coach Dick Motta, they have had a significant increase in the crowd who attend to watch them. It has hit over the mark of 10,000 people, which is a huge deal. He not only motivated them to be better but invested so much in promoting them too. With putting out their name and talent out there so much, they became one of the most popular teams in no time. However, after a while, Pat called it quits too and because of that The Bulls started to not do so well. After having another new one to replace him, things started going forward again though.

Michael Jordan

While Jordan was on the team, he won 7 titles in a row. Because of him, the team scored some of the highest scores possible compared to their rivals. There were a lot of great pages in the annals of their team because of how he performed. Of course, the whole world knows of him, so it’s no wonder for his huge success. Because of his fame and popularity, there were brands named after him and types of shoes, clothing, socks, etc. Everyone wanted to be just like him and to be just as successful in sports to have something to be proud of. It is a very difficult position to tackle, but if you strive towards that goal and let nothing stop you, you can be just as good as the best.