The Illinois Gambling Expansion – The Things You Need to Know

Gambling in the United States has become quite a big deal recently. New Jersey was the state to start it all, preparing themselves for the FIFA 2018 World Cup. They legalized gambling just in time for the World Cup, and the governor himself placed the first ever legal bet in New Jersey in 2018.

Fast forward a year, and Illinois is looking to do the same, but for gambling in general, which does include sports betting. This will cover online casinos, as well, meaning promotional codes like this Tropicana casino promo code 2019 will be legal and completely fine, as will any other promotional code. Here is what you can expect from the Illinois Gambling Expansion.

What is The Illinois Gambling Expansion?

The Illinois Gambling Expansion is a bill proposed to the governor, a bill also named SB 690. The bill allows for 6 new casinos to be built, including a very large casino in Chicago. It is also supposed to legalize sports betting, in the entire state. It is also going to allow online sports betting, meaning people can safely bet from their homes, and not go to the casinos in person.

These are but a few things that the new bill will allow, but mostly, sports betting and gambling in general.

When Can the People Expect Casinos?

The thing with casinos is that they have to be constructed first, and that has to be planned for. Chicago might have a casino in 2 or 3 years. Citizens are better off to go to nearby states if they plan on gambling within a casino.

For sports betting, online platforms should be online much, much faster. So, those interested in online sports betting will be able to do so in a short time.

What About Sports Betting?

Sports betting will be legalized, but with caveats. Casinos and existing stadiums and racetracks will be allowed to offer sports betting. Online sports betting will be shifted in favor of the local casinos, so that they can develop their own mobile platforms. They will actually be supported, given that the revenue will be taxed, of course.

The caveat is that all sports betting facilities, licensed ones, of course, will not be able to allow betting on any university matches, or any matches related to universities. Sports betting will strictly be allowed on a professional level.

What Does This Mean for Video Poker and Slots?

They will be allowed, as they were for a while now. Their number will increase to 6 from the previous 5 machines per location. Chicago will be an exception, and their two airports will be able to have more machines, but that will subtract the number from the total number of available positions for the Chicago casino, which is 4,000. 

The maximum bet on video poker and slot machines will be increased to 4 dollars from the previous 2. If you like slot machines, then Illinois will be the place for you.

Following in the steps of Phil Murphy of New Jersey, who fought to legalize sports betting for everyone in the United States, by having the PASPA Act of 1992 declared unconstitutional, Illinois has made steps to legalize sports betting and gambling statewide. This is a big step in the right direction for Illinois, though there will still be lots of things to do before gambling becomes widely available.