Chicago Architecture

The buildings here in Chicago are a great way to start off how this city is so great. If travellers don’t come here for the food or culture or entertainment, then they would surely just come to see all of the sights of the buildings and structures. You can have fun your entire stay just wandering the city and seeing all that there is to see. Chicago has influenced American architecture as it is today and it is all very inspirational for even more to come. It doesn’t just have one style either, it is a variety of all types and that is only half of the fun! You can find all sorts of it, you will be surprised and astounded.


The Chicago School Building

Here is a very large prime example of what a skyscraper looked like back in the day. This was one of the first ones to look back upon and build up from. It was great inspiration for all of them standing today and why they were made in the first place. They have even made a “Second Chicago School Building” to be more modern. Very much influenced from its predecessor, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe built it to be better. It also contained very many windows, more of a priority than the walls themselves it seemed like.

John Hancock Center

This is a very huge and loved structure. Very uniquely named and built, the “Big John” has the letter “X” built on its sides to provide support and sightseeing a great experience. Because of this new structure on the outside, it was made possible by newer technology. Designed by Fazlur Kahn and Bruce Graham, this building was able to withstand strong forces of wind a whole lot better than others.The windows that were installed in here are also very large and are as big as the average human being. There are many happenings going on in this building including apartments, offices, workstations and even a pool. It was even heard where some people who live here had to ask the person working at the doors what the weather is like at the bottom. They’re so high up in the sky they couldn’t know for sure what it was like.


The Aqua Tower

One of the most amazing buildings ever would definitely have to be The Aqua Tower! You are sure to have never seen anything quite like it. It depicts ocean waves and is structurally built with unnaturally shaped balconies to look just like that. It gives off a rippling look and when you put this on a skyscraper, it looks fantastic. Imagine looking up with your own eyes and seeing a huge tower made of moving water. That’s what it looks like. It is well over 200 meters tall and has even been awarded a Skyscraper award in 2009. However, it’s not the only effect it serves, it is also very useful against high winds to reduce resistance.