Discover Chicago City

Almost 3 million people call Chicago their home and we can see why – it hits number 3 as the biggest city in the United States. With thousands of restaurants and hundreds of parks you are not likely to go without your entertainment here. You can check out the EuroJackpot prizes and bonuses for playing online or get out and experience the cities vast opportunities. Many traditions are known here, and one of them is dyeing the Chicago River green in celebration to St. Patrick’s Day each year. Come visit and learn about Chicago’s history, the place where everyone can find happiness in the smallest of things.

Chicago Riverwalk

Don’t you just crave the peace and the quiet and the beauty of nature? Do what millions of other people do- walk along the Chicago Riverwalk where you can sit among the benches, feed the wild birds and listen to them sing. Maybe you fancy renting a boat to travel down the river, or just visit a place to eat among the wonderful looking scenery. The great thing about Chicago is that for just this one “small” place, you can do a handful of things that will last you a whole day. Experiencing the big things that all of the tourists do is not just what you can do either. Let your imagination run wild and take photos of the sunset glimmering off of the water. Be creative and let your worries run free while enjoying your time at The Chicago Riverwalk.

Great Food

Chicago is well known for its decadent pizza, known as the “deep dish pizza” that everyone loves. Who doesn’t enjoy biting into a very loaded and big pizza in a bowl of crust? That sounds absolutely delicious! Don’t forget the hot dog whose name is after the city! It is topped with the most unique toppings, something like you would find in a burger, not a hotdog. It is surely an experience everyone should try at least once, it is famous and popular around the world. Why not give it a try to talk about with your friends. If you’re still hungry for more interesting foods, visit a local restaurant and order the Italian beef that is actually a sandwich! It’s served fresh and steaming with other similar interesting toppings, again, something you wouldn’t have thought about that would go with your dish. It is cooked in a very different way than normal, and it is sure to have you coming back for more!


When you visit Chicago you are also visiting some of the world’s most iconic architecture and features. Some date to the 1800s and some are the tallest you can find. Great libraries, centers and towers call this place home. Just looking up at the massive size of these buildings are sure to get you nauseous and wonder, “how was this even built?” because just by looking at it, it seems almost impossible. Wondrous buildings to visit is a great way to enjoy your time in Chicago, you can walk all day and find brand new ones around every single corner.