Casinos in Illinois

You might have stumbled upon the Harrah’s Casino promotion code and you are already an expert in playing online casino games. But now you’re ready for the in-person experience. If you’re looking for some casinos to go to on your trip to Illinois, you shouldn’t pass up on some of the best that they have. All casinos are great fun and these are only a handful of them that you can visit to have a great time. You can find just about any game at any of them, so it’s all almost the same, just a bit different. So why not visit some of these great casinos while you’re out? After you’re done having a fantastic time out and exploring while making great memories, it’s a good idea to lay back in a casino and still have some fun. Going out and seeing all of the sights and great places are sure to wear you out. There’s nothing better than when you’re tired, going over to a casino and relaxing while playing your favourite games. It’s not like there is a shortage of casinos to go to either, for no matter where you are, there is surely one nearby that you can visit. Here is some that you can go to.

Par-A-Dice Hotel and Casino

It’s located right next to the river in Illinois so if you ever look out the window, you are sure to get a nice view. Just like all the rest of the casinos around, it’s a riverboat casino. It must have looked really nice outside the window when they used to be going down the water. It’s been in business since 1991, so it’s been around quite a few years and it surely has many loyal guests. It used to be cruising down the river all day long but after the rules said that it wasn’t required anymore to do so, it docked. Since 1999 it has been standing there instead of moving.

Harrah’s Joliet

Being another riverboat casino Harrah’s Joliet is sure to have a very nice view too. It has over 1,000 slot machines to play, plus if you want to stay the night, there are over 200 bedrooms available for the taking. If you’re hungry, be sure to get a bite here too, they have everything you need. With lots of games to play, you’re sure to be able to squeeze in and have a good time. With lots of space available, you can be sure that if you need a space to stay, they will accommodate you.

Grand Victoria Casino Elgin

This casino is another riverboat one, so you can never run short of these types. It started opening back in 1994. It has over 1,000 poker and slot machines for you to play. If you’re hungry they also have food available for you to eat. In this casino you have a variety of table games to play as well and they include Blackjack, Craps and even Roulette. These are just a few examples of such that you can do here. With that variety, you are sure to have a great time indeed.