Adrenalin Surging Activities that one can do in Chicago

Chicago is a town known for many things. But most recently it became noticed for some thrilling activities that can get your blood pumping, and no, we’re not talking about playing casino games with Videoslots bonus code. Adrenaline junkies seek adventure in various parts of the world. Chicago has become a staple destination for a lot of them due to the fact that it provides them with numerous ways for adrenal glands to start pumping the precious, thrill-seeking juice in our body.

What exactly are these activities? Would you like to try them out?


Adventurous people simply have to try out skydiving in Chicago.

Jumping out from a plane into nothing and plummeting down to earth at a speed of 100mph is enough to get your blood boiling, your heart pounding and your head spinning.

The safety and relief come when the parachute opens but until then it’s a wild ride downwards.

If you are not panicking too much, you can enjoy the exquisite scenery that the Chicago landscape has to offer.


If you want to enjoy the skyline of Chicago and be more relaxed, then paragliding may be a better option for you. You are not going down as fast as with skydiving, instead, you are comfortably moving towards the earth in the safety of your harness.

You can control the movement and go as fast or as slow as you want until the thrill ends as you land. People who want more rush can try out paramotoring which is essentially the same thing but with a motor attached to your back that helps you move faster through the air.

Hang Gliding

As you may notice, Chicago has a lot of air-related activities. Hang gliding is another one of them and can be viewed as a combination of the previous two. You are still moving through the air at a great speed but also have the ability to control your movement.

But hang gliding is unique as it provides you with the ability to experience something that few humans get to do – flying. The only way that regular people can experience flying is via an airplane. But it is definitely not the same thing. You have wings, you feel the breeze that hits your face and you directly see the clouds and everything around you. You have wings so use them as best as you can.

Segway Tours

Time to get back to earth. If air is something that is not for you and you still want to explore the city of Chicago you have an opportunity to join a segway tour. What’s a segway? Well, you know those things with two big wheels that you stand on and use handles and balance to control them? Not really a bicycle and not exactly a scooter. That’s the one!

Join a group of likeminded people and go on a tour together. You can ride around the city and see all the sites that you want. A tour guide, on a segway, will accompany you and help you learn about the rich history of the city, the culture and tell you everything about the most important sites of Chicago.