Chicago Urban Legends – The Legends Which Haunt the City

Every city has its own fair share of legends and interesting topics which are associated with it. Wherever you go, all over the world, you are likely to hear a legend or story which might make your hair stand or leave you wondering, or in awe. This is true for almost every city in the world, let alone the metropoli.

Cities with towering skyscrapers and lots of concrete and glass have more legends than smaller cities, unless they are next to a cursed lake or mansion. Chicago is a very large city and as such, it has its own fair share of urban legends. Here are some of Chicago’s most interesting legends.

Homey the Clown

This is a scary one. Legend says that in 1991, a clown called Homey was lurking around, using his van and colorful suit, not to mention candy, to lure children to his van.

This legend was so prominent and had traction, that the police eventually had to look into it. They never found a clown nor a van and ruled it off. But, parents and children still remember the legend and stories are still told.

People are scared when a van passes by, especially if it’s driven by a clown.

The Klimek House

When a woman kills all three of her husbands, you can be sure that there will be legends around it.

Klimek killed all three of her husbands, and all of them died relatively consistently, all getting sick all of a sudden. Prior to her third husband’s death, she bragged that she got an amazing deal on a coffin. The husband was getting better at the time, but ended up dying like the rest of them. She was convicted and the house still remains.

People often say that they feel strange and different when near the house. Who knows, it might be haunted.

Resurrected Mary

This is a scary legend revolving around a girl Mary who died in a car accident with her boyfriend in 1934.

The girl is said to find people and ask them to drive her home. Once they are near Resurrection Cemetery, the girl disappears.

The next time you are around Chicago, make sure to remember that if a girl asks you for a ride, she might disappear on you, literally.

Hull House Child

When abandoned by its mother, a child was adopted by Jane Adams Hull in the 1890s. The child was cared for in the attic of the house, until it passed. Even at the time, the people considered the child to be that of Satan. After its passing, there were reports of Satan being seen around the house. The house is now a museum, so if you see a satan, don’t panic, it might be an exhibit.

Chicago has its fair share of urban legends, these being some of them. Know your legends and you might experience new emotions when visiting locations tied to them. Don’t worry about that invisible hand touching your shoulder, it’s probably just a legend.