Must Visit Museums in Chicago

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But what if you wanted to learn about a city or its history? Wouldn’t it be best to see the city in person, and explore its history while doing so? Museums hold a lot of history and culture. Chicago has lots of museums and visiting them should be a priority if you want to learn about their culture. Here are the top museums in Chicago which you should visit.

Art Institute of Chicago

This is one of Chicago’s most famous buildings. It’s old and its entrance is flanked by two large bronze lions, which are now green due to oxidation. The museum holds more than 200000 paintings, which is plenty. It has sculptures, works of art from all periods of the world. If you want contemporary art, you will find it here, as well as something dating back multiple centuries. It is a must visit if you care for art, at all.

Museum of Science and Industry

This is the other end of the spectrum. Industry and science are driving our world and art is keeping us sane. In this museum, you can find simulations of tornados, mazes with mirrors (it’s not a fun house) and plenty more inventions and interesting things to behold like a submarine, or a Chicago street from way back. It is interesting to see that museums are adapting to use modern technology to make a visit much more memorable.

The Field Museum

Everybody wants to see a little history, geography and biology. The Field Museum hosts a lot of exhibits, from dinosaur skeletons to gardens and even Egyptian tombs. This is what people usually expect from a museum, so if you prefer this kind over art, you should visit it. Have in mind that you will often find art everywhere, especially on historic artifacts and tombs.

Chicago History Museum

If you want to learn about the history of Chicago, it is only natural that you should visit the Chicago History Museum. It holds all sorts of interesting memorabilia and moments of Chicago history. It is also incredibly friendly to people who want to do research projects on Chicago, having their huge library open to the researchers. 

Museums of Contemporary Photography

This museum has works of art from a more modern generation, namely, photographs. It hosts art from artists all over the world, making it one of the most important museums to visit if you want to catch up on what the world’s contemporary photographers are up to. They host multiple shows every year and their exhibitions vary so you will not run out of photos to see.

Chicago has plenty of museums, these being only several of them. Whether you want to learn about the history, art or biology and geography of the world and Chicago itself, these are the museums which you should visit.