Professional Sports Team of Chicago

Do you love sports? Well the whole of Chicago would have to agree with you if you said yes. It’s home to many sports teams and very well known ones at that. There are many teams that you can come and cheer on, and the Chicago Bulls are one of them. Very famous, they are recognized as one of the world’s most known teams that play basketball. Winning time and again, over and over, if you are truly a fan of sports, you have to see them play. Not only do they look like they are very hard core players, but they actually are just that. Watching them in the stadium is likely to be very exhilarating and much more fun than watching from the TV screen.

Chicago Bulls

If you are a great fan of Michael Jordan, then the chances are very high for you to know about the Chicago Bulls. They were recognized most during the time when he became very famous. They have won 6 NBAs during that time and were globally loved and still are. If you happen to come on by Chicago and want to watch them, they are located at the United Center where they play their games. Founded in 1966, they put many years of experience in the stadium and have the proof of their fans to show just how good they really are. They have never lost an NBA final, and are the only ones who can boast about it. If you thought that was a great feat, then you should also know that they are the first ones to ever win 70 games within just one single season.

How The Bulls got Their Name

The founder of the team, Dick Klein, wanted to name his team after the meat-packing industry. Well, as you can guess, bulls do have meat, and they also sound like a force to be reckoned with. So in that case, The Bulls sounded like a fierce and great name for his new team. So far, they have been living up to expectation and taking the crowds hearts by winning them over again and again. Who knew the sorts of names that you could come up with just by thinking about some random company? The creativity is out there, and he surely used it to his advantage.

The  Mascot

As you can imagine, The Bulls team has a mascot, and it’s- you guessed it- a bull! However, not just a bull, it is a red one, to show courageous fierceness. To show to the world that they are not ordinary, but a great team, one that is known around the entire globe. They play just as hard as their logo and mascot looks, fierce. The Mascot’s name is Benny the Bull and is one of the most recognized and oldest around the world. They’ve been around for quite some time now.