Best Places to Visit in Chicago

There are many places to enjoy when visiting Chicago. You can be sure to see all sorts of sights, especially ones that will last in your memory for a lifetime. From skyscrapers to Museums, Chicago has it all. Be sure to stop by these places for a one of a kind experience. Make sure that you take a camera with you as well, these are very unique deals that you will not want to forget. Not only will there be larger than life structures, but all sorts of different activities packed with enjoyment and unique information. It’s a great way to enjoy life.

The Willis Tower

The Willis Tower goes 110 stories high up into the air and even was the world’s tallest building for about 25 years or so before another building surpassed that height. It is 1,450 feet high and is even sometimes called the Sears Tower which was its first name before being renamed. It is still known as one of the world’s tallest skyscrapers, and will remain that way for many more years to come. It has been standing fully completed since 1973 so it is very old, and yet, it still lives up to its glorious name. In the whole of the United States, it is still known as the second tallest building, which in itself is a very large title.

Field Museum of Natural History

This is a very grand museum and is even one of the largest museums in the entire world. There are many great places here in Chicago, home of some of the most big places on Earth. This museum is one of them. You can find very old fossils and all sorts of artifacts from cultures from around the globe. It doesn’t matter if it’s ancient or present time, you can be sure you may find it here. They also have a library here which is filled with almost 300,000 books, full of information about all sorts of professions and other things.

Navy Pier

If you think you’ve seen enough and that you’re surely done for the day on seeing all that there is to possibly see- there is so much more than just those! The Navy Pier is one of them. Just one! Even besides these, there are more. However, this location will probably have you booked for the entire week! The fun never ends here- enjoy all sorts of parks here to get your breath of beautiful air and when you get hungry you can select a restaurant that is one of many that you can go to. Be amazed when you walk through gardens and make sure to get your souvenir at a shop. This is definitely the hot spot for all tourists. It doesn’t matter if you are an adult or even a kid, you will enjoy the time well spent here. They even have a Children’s Museum, which has a diversity of activities for all of you to have fun.