Playing Online Casinos in the US — Is it Possible?

The US has a funny history in its relationship with gambling. Every once in a while, they make some revisions of old laws and change them. However, we have been living in an age where the whole world is moving forwards, and making gambling legal is one of the signs of that.

Many people who reside in the United States are slightly confused by these revisions and are not sure whether they can play casino games at all. Let’s take a look at the current state of things right now in America. Read on!

Casino Cities and States

Let’s address the elephant in the room – the citizens of the US love their casinos. However, they are located only in separate areas where people can go and enjoy some slots, roulette, blackjack, and more. These are mostly Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

What most of the players don’t realize is that majority of the casinos that exist in these areas can also be reached via the Internet. Furthermore, you can get some extraordinary prizes if you decide to register on their online variants. 

Although casinos can be reached online from most of the US states, some of them still impose strict laws which don’t allow casinos.

Offshore Casinos

Most of the states have some kind of ban which forbids casinos to operate. However, the citizens are not really affected by this problem. If you reside in a state which has no casinos, you are technically allowed to register on an online casino. Nobody is going to prosecute you, but you should check whether your bank is going to accept payments from such platforms.

However – beware! The offshore casinos are mostly legit, but there is a possibility to stumble upon a casino which may just try to scam you to take your money.

Nevertheless, if you have an option to register on an online casino which is located and registered in the US, that is definitely another advantage to consider, as it makes your life a bit easier in terms of money transactions, safety, and security.


To sum up, as an American citizen, you are not going to lack online casinos as they are all over the web. However, it is crucial that you choose wisely and register on the ones that offer not only hefty bonuses but also safety and security measures which will keep your money and your identity safe. Therefore, make sure to do some research and take a look at the casinos that are the best for your state and offer the games that you most enjoy.