Things to do and Sports Attractions for Fans in Chicago

Chicago, or the Windy City as people like to call it, is not only known for its cold weather in winter. This is a legitimate sports town with a lot of stuff for sports fans to do. Sports fans in Chicago like their teams and support them to the fullest. Even if you are not a Chicago fan, there are many things and sites that you can see when you visit.

If you know somebody from Chicago, chances are that they bragged about one of their sports teams. So what should you visit when you come to Chicago?

Here are the must-see places in Chicago for sports fans!

United Center

The United center plays host to both the Chicago Bulls and the Chicago Blackhawks.

Arvell Dorsey Jr. from Chicago, IL, United States / CC BY (

Chicago’s famed basketball team the Bulls may not be as it once used to be. The legendary Jordan era has ended but it didn’t stop the Bulls from being an attractive team to watch. They created stars like Rose and Butler, who unfortunately moved on, but now have the high-flying LaVine as their major star.

The Blackhawks are one of the Original Six clubs of the NHL. They are one of the oldest ones and also one of the most successful ones. With six titles to their name, they are always in the contention of winning the next one.

Soldier Field

The gridiron of Soldier Field is one of the most popular ones in the NFL.

The Chicago Bears are a team with a very long tradition in the league. With nine championships to their name, the most number of members in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and the most number of retired jerseys, the Bears are something that everyone has to experience.

Even when it snows, the atmosphere on Soldier Field is more than thrilling.

Wrigley Field

The Chicago Cubs are one of the founding members of the NL and one of the most popular teams in the MLB. Their home is the Wrigley Field and fans flock each weekend to see their team play. The atmosphere is captivating and the Cubs enjoy great support from their fans each time around. The Cubs finally brought joy to their fans in 2016 when they won the World Series after 71 years, the longest wait for any MLB team. But as the Cubs fans wait, it was worth it to suck so long as it made the championship title so much better.

Guaranteed Rate Field

Fans of baseball in Chicago are actually blessed with two teams, the second being the Chicago White Sox that play their home games on Guaranteed Rate Field. The White Sox may be the more popular of the two as they also have a long history and are one of eight charter franchises of AL. They have three titles to their name and enjoy the support of their fans as they fuel their team by supporting them each time around.