Illinois Gambling Laws

If you’re wondering what you could do and have a great night over in Illinois, it’s not a problem if you don’t know how to gamble – you can learn on websites such as and even get the best offers for online casinos. However, you might want to check what you can do first. For instance, some types of gambling are illegal to play here, and you should probably see which ones those are. It’s about the mere “chance” that you might win is what puts them off and bans some of the gambling games. However, if you win big because of “skill” then it’s probably alright to bet on those types. It all started way back in the 1800s and is still to this day reconstructing those laws. You’ll be surprised when you find out what is outlawed and why. It doesn’t matter in any way if people find some fun from it, or a way to pass the time, some of these games are not on their nice list. It’s a shock to most people but others see it as common sense. There are stories to both sides, but here are the results.

Which Ones are Legal?

You’re probably trying to figure out which games are legal to play. Well, the traditional way of gambling is going to the casino, which you can surely do here too. However, if you wanted to go on an online casino, those are strictly prohibited from playing. If you went on one in Illinois, you would be doing an offense. In the casinos that you can attend, you are allowed to play Live Poker though, which is a fun game. If you wanted to bet on sports, your choices are very limited too even for World cup 2018 betting. Only if you fancy betting on horse racing can you do this. This is because if you win, it is because of the skill, not the chance. It’s believed that if you gamble based on chance, it’s not worthy enough to do and therefore, it is not allowed. You can do Lottery betting and Bingo games though, so in another perspective, you can do more than you thought. There are a lot less than you probably wanted, but here it’s not allowed.


There are certain dates which were acquired for these times of these games becoming legal or illegal. Not very many people have really thought much about the horse racing games, but in fact it was approved for betting back in 1927. Starting in 1986, you could do Charity gambling from then on. Back in 1991 is when the riverboat casinos started going and while in working hours had to cruise down the rivers. However, as time passed they have been docked in 1999 permanently. If you wanted a lottery ticket online, you had to wait until 2001 when it first went online. Illinois was actually the very first state to do this too. Over the years and time, things have gotten better and more freedom with the games came into place. Just don’t get your hopes up too much because some of them are still looked down upon.