The State of Illinois

Illinois is a state known by all and hits the 5th place for most people residing there in the US. This is all thanks to its greatest city named Chicago. Its capital is actually Springfield, but in reality, it is not the biggest city. It’s also the place where one of the presidents of America was born in- Ronald Reagan. A lot of history, great architecture, and important times took place within these border walls. Millions of people from all over the globe come here to experience such things so Illinois is definitely not without its tourists. Beautiful structures like The Cloud Gate mesmerize people and boast about their opportunity to visit such places. It’s a place no one should miss.

Agriculture and Other Industries

Agriculture is a very big part of what Illinois actually stands for. It’s the biggest industry that it has, and is very important. They grow and nurture all sorts of crops like corn and wheat and other things to keep the industry going. Raising cattle is another priority that most people do in Illinois, and that fits right in the label of Agriculture too. All farming categories are under what they do the most. However, we can’t just single out that one, they also do others. They are not as important, of course, but don’t forget about Manufacturing. If it were not for these, Illinois would not be the state that it is today and not be so successful.

The Cloud Gate and Other Great Sceneries

A grand sight to see would be the marvelous Cloud Gate. It is a loop that never ends because it is a hollow circle and one would think that it symbolizes eternity because of just how beautiful it is. It is like the cleanest mirror- you can see the city around you just by looking at it, and it puts it in a different perspective because of its formation. Tourists love to come here and marvel at how this was even made. Thousands of pictures are taken for its popularity. It is public and anyone can visit to see for themselves. It’s located in the Loop Community, and no wonder why- it’s actually a loop- just more beautiful! Is that symbolic too? Would you believe that it is made out of stainless steel? No one can see a single line between them- it’s a very amazingly professional structure. The Cloud Gate is not the only thing that catches everyone’s eyes though, and who would think that a bridge could be so interesting? The Michigan Avenue Bridge is a sight to see! Over the water, it looks like a beautiful painting, and we can only imagine how pretty it is to see in person. You can walk or drive on it and look down and see the sun or moon glittering off the surface. You should get your camera out because who wants to miss a peaceful moment like that? Or you could just take a picture from afar and get the sunset or sunrise in the background!