Texas Car Insurance Quotes & Overview

Texas Car Insurance Quotes & Overview

September 4, 2015
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The state of Texas is known for it’s high car insurance rates, and penalties. Pushing to keep roads safer, the state has set out a list of requirements for all drivers to have included in their insurance policy. This includes having at least: $1 million dollars in property protection; $10,000 in property damage liability; and $20,000 in bodily injury liability.

With the entire state being known to have high insurance rates, it is important that drivers do their research, into what companies really will give them the best possible rates. Like most places young men are generally changed more by insurance companies than women; However, there are still great options out there for male drivers to get decent rates. There are great website for drivers all across the state to go on to find the best rates, and find great deals. We hope this information will help you when you go to get Texas Car Insurance quotes from someone like https://insurancequote.deals/texas-auto-insurance-quotes/.

Average Car Insurance Rates Throughout the State
This information is gathered from 6 of the top car insurance companies in the state. While obviously there are variables to be considered such as personal driving record, credit..etc…here are a few of the average costs of car insurance in difference cities throughout the state.



San Antonio
Lowest: $2,017

Lowest: $1,575
Average: $2,445
Highest: $3,984

Fort Worth
Lowest: $1,621
Average; $2,601
Highest: $4,242

Credit and Insurance
When you have bad credit, it impacts a lot of areas in your life, from your ability to buy a house, own a credit card, and even get insurance. For people who have decent credit (between 620 and 679) they can expect to pay on average over $65 a month more than their original base plan, simply because of their credit score. For those who have less than decent credit (below 580) they can expect to pay roughly $170 month more. While these are averages, doing some research into insurance company options will easily tell you which company will work best for you, given your credit score.  
Hopefully this has shed some light into not only the way that Texas car insurance quotes is laid out throughout the state, but also provided some resources as to where more information can be found.

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