How to Shop for Illinois Home Insurance Quotes

How to Shop for Illinois Home Insurance Quotes

January 29, 2017
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If you’re looking for Illinois home insurance quotes, you should know that all insurance companies in the state don’t charge the same rates for the same level of coverage. While insurance underwriters are regulated at the state level, they have the ability to use their own calculations to determine how much to charge for the policy coverage they offer. They’re allowed to assess risk between different kinds of people based on details like where you live in the state. In order to get the best rates, smart consumers compare as many Illinois home insurance quotes from as they can.

You can get Illinois home insurance quotes from three different types of insurance outlets. You can contact a local independent agent in order to purchase home insurance, or any other kind of insurance. Many independent agents can sell you every type of insurance, from life insurance policies to business insurance. Because they operate independently of any particular insurance company, they can usually offer you Illinois home insurance quotes from more than one insurer. Because they are better versed in the policy terms than anyone else, they can also be helpful when making a choice between one policy and another.

Exclusive agents might be able to sell you more than one kind of insurance, but they only carry insurance products from one insurance company. This can have benefits and drawbacks when looking for the lowest Illinois home insurance quotes. Because they represent only one company, if another company has lower rates, they’re unlikely to tell you about it. On the other hand, exclusive agents can usually give you better discounts on bundles of insurance. Insurance companies like customers that have multiple policies with them, as it spreads the risk for them.

Direct insurance sales are growing in popularity. These policies are marketed to the consumer directly by mail, telephone, or over the Internet. The purpose of selling direct to the public, especially using automated application forms that don’t involve review by a sales agent, is to lower the overhead costs of the insurance companies. This allows them to offer lower prices to the consumer. Insurance agents receive a commission when they sell a policy, and that commission normally lasts for as long as the consumer keeps the policy in place.

Cutting out the agent to save money on a policy can have a drawback, however. If you suffer a loss and need to make a claim, you won’t have a dedicated insurance agent to contact to handle the claim for you. You’ll be dealing directly with the insurance company.

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