Helpful hints for finding the best California health insurance

The Affordable Care Act was supposed to make it a lot easier to find and invest in the best (and the cheapest) California health insurance around, but because of a variety of different reasons we won’t get into right now, it is still quite a bit of a challenge for people in California to find health insurance that makes sense for them and their budget unless they go somewhere like this.

And that’s why we have put together this quick guide. Hopefully you will be able to take advantage of the information below to find the best California health insurance available at a price point that you feel comfortable with. The helpful hints below should serve to point you in the right direction when it comes time to purchase health insurance, or (at the very least) give you a little bit of extra insight into the overall process.

Are you under the age of 26?

If you are 26 years old or younger, you will still qualify to be placed under your parent’s health insurance (assuming that they have a health insurance policy themselves.

This is part of the federal mandate that was a major part of the Affordable Care Act, and provides those 26 years old or younger the ability to take advantage of very inexpensive health coverage – and in many cases completely free health coverage – as part of their parent’s protection.

Do you qualify for Medicaid assistance?

Those that are older than 26 years of age or those that do not have parents with health insurance coverage are going to want to see if they qualify for some type of Medicaid assistance.

The overwhelming majority of states in the US expanded Medicaid coverage as part of the Affordable Care Act, and California was one of the states that expanded Medicaid coverage by a significant margin. You’ll want to see if you qualify for some type of Medicaid assistance to help defer or even completely eliminate the cost of health care coverage, giving you the protection that you’re looking for at a price point that you feel comfortable with.

Do you require emergency coverage/high deductible HSA compatible insurance plans?

Lastly, you’ll want to look into an emergency coverage or high deductible HSA compatible insurance plan that boosts your out-of-pocket costs while significantly reducing the amount of money that you spend every month on healthcare insurance premiums. These California health insurance plans can give you the level of coverage that you’re looking for without making the upfront cost too unbearable in the process.

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